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Overview of the EDK’s current activities

The EDK’s current activities are described in its programme of activities. The current programme of activities applies to the 2021–2024 programming period. The cantonal ministers of education have defined the following overarching goals for this programme: contributing to the ongoing development of the quality of the Swiss education system, enhancing equity in education, supporting digitalisation, and fostering multilingualism, exchange and mobility.

The programme of activities is designed in accordance with the intercantonal agreements concluded by the EDK.

Intercantonal Agreement on Education Coordination

The Intercantonal Agreement on Education Coordination (dating from1970) forms the legal basis for the cooperation between the cantons in the area of education.

Based on this agreement, the EDK represents the interests of the cantons vis-à-vis the Confederation, participates in international cooperation, creates and sustains links to other political domains (e.g. migration, social issues), provides support and administrative assistance (e.g. negotiating copyright fees for schools) and conducts projects on the following topics:

  • Information on the Swiss education system
  • Education monitoring
  • Digitalisation
  • Language teaching and exchange
  • Compulsory education
  • Baccalaureate schools
  • Upper secondary specialised schools
  • Vocational education and training; work, study and career related guidance
  • Sports
  • Culture


Further intercantonal agreements in the education sector

In addition to the Intercantonal Agreement on Education Coordination, the work of the EDK is also based on other intercantonal agreements (referred to as «Konkordate», «concordats», «concordati»), including:

  • The Intercantonal Diploma Recognition Agreement: the EDK is responsible for the nationwide recognition of diplomas for teachers in school education and for teachers and other staff in the field of special needs education. It recognises upper secondary specialised school diplomas. Together with the Confederation it recognises baccalaureate diplomas.
  • Intercantonal financing agreements: with the implementation of the intercantonal agreements on funding and equal access, the EDK ensures equal access to educational institutions throughout Switzerland and the fair sharing of financial burdens among the cantons.
  • the Intercantonal Agreement on Harmonisation of Compulsory Education (Harmos Agreement): the EDK regularly takes stock of the state of harmonisation of key aspects of compulsory education and assesses whether national education standards are being met.
  • the Intercantonal Agreement on the Harmonisation of Education Contributions (Grant Agreement): the EDK supports the cantons with the further harmonisation of cantonal grant systems.
  • the Intercantonal Agreement on Cooperation in Special Needs Education (Special Needs Education Agreement): the EDK supports the cantons with the implementation of special needs education at all school levels.
  • the Intercantonal Agreement on Higher Education (Higher Education Agreement): the EDK participates in the overall management of the higher education sector by the Confederation and the cantons.

Detailed information on the EDK's current activities can be found on the German and French language websites.

Further informations

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