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The EDK is responsible for the national coordination of education and culture policy. It aims to ensure high quality, equity, permeability and mobility within the Swiss education system.

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The EDK’s plenary assembly meets in the Haus der Kantone in Berne.

In Switzerland, the main responsibility for education and culture lies with the cantons. They coordinate their work at the national level. The 26 cantonal ministers of education together form a political body to carry out this work: the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK). The Principality of Liechtenstein is involved in the work of the EDK.

The EDK’s activities are based on the articles regarding education in the Swiss Constitution and on intercantonal law in matters of education. The EDK has a subsidiary function, fulfilling tasks that cannot be performed by the regions or cantons. It collaborates with the Confederation in the area of education. It represents Switzerland in international organisations insofar as their activities touch on matters of education or culture that fall within the responsibility of the cantons.

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Political bodies

The highest decision-making body of the EDK is the plenary assembly, in which the heads of the 26 cantonal education departments (cantonal ministers of education) are represented. Read more

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Legal foundation

The intercantonal Agreement on Education Coordination (dating from1970) forms the legal foundation for the collaboration between the cantons in the area of education. In addition to this agreement, the work of the EDK is also based on other intercantonal agreements. German  French

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Programme of activities

An overview of the current projects and implementation measures can be found in the programme of activities. Read more

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Latest news

You will find a compilation of topical information under “Latest news”. It contains media releases, newsletters, new publications and more.  German  French

Further informations

EDK General Secretariat
+41 31 309 51 11