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Terms and conditions


The copyright and other rights are the property of the General Secretariat of the EDK. No rights are transferred when content (text, images, files) is downloaded from this website. Quotes may be used from documents and web pages if the sources are duly acknowledged. The consent of the EDK General Secretariat is required for the reproduction in full of files and texts from this website.

Data protection

During access to this website, no personal data is collected. The web server only registers impersonal user data. The analysis of these anonymous data serves to improve our website. User data is not linked to personal data.

Personal data which is provided during voluntary contact (email, contact form, subscriptions) is used only for the specified purpose (subscriptions, answering the question). It is not provided to third parties and is not used in any other way.


The content of this website is constantly updated and reviewed. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that it is up-to-date, complete or accurate. The General Secretariat of the EDK assumes no liability for damages associated with the use of the content of this website. Responsibility for the content of linked websites lies with the providers.

Social media

The EDK has been present on LinkedIN since 2023. With a well-balanced mix of text, photo and video contributions, stories, event and corporate information, surveys and, of course, job ads, we want to provide professionals in the field of education with content that is both interesting and entertaining.

We are also keen to receive feedback, positive or critical, as well as suggestions and recommendations via this channel. Please note that we delete any texts, pictures or videos that do not conform with LinkedIn’s community rules.

Specifically, we do not tolerate contributions that

  • are offensive, obscene, pornographic, threatening, discriminatory, racist, insulting, misleading or illegal,
  • call for violence,
  • violate copyright, personality or other third-party rights, or
  • contain advertising for third-party products.

Anyone who violates these rules seriously or in multiple cases will be denied further access.

On our website, references to social media are made only in the form of links, not through the execution of programs (plugins). No personal user data are therefore transmitted to social media when users access this website or click on social media logos.

Further informations