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Upper secondary specialised school

Upper secondary specialised schools are schools which provide general education at upper secondary level. They offer preparation for tertiary level professional education in specific occupational fields at colleges of higher education (upper secondary specialised school programme) and universities of applied sciences (specialised Baccalaureate programme). They represent an alternative to a Federal Vocational Baccalaureate or Baccalaureate by providing school-based preparation for tertiary level professional education , oriented towards a particular occupational field.

Upper secondary specialised schools must be recognised by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK). The recognition is based on the Regulations on the Recognition of Certificates from Upper Secondary Specialised Schools and on various guidelines issued by the EDK. There are upper secondary specialised schools in 22 cantons. They are mostly operated by the cantons; in addition, there are also private providers of upper secondary specialised schools.

Specialised Baccalaureate programme

The specialised Baccalaureate programme is a one-year additional course after a 3-year upper secondary specialised school programme, and leads to a Swiss-wide recognised Specialised Baccalaureate. The Specialised Baccalaureate enables direct admission to specific studies at universities of applied sciences in the studied occupational field.