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Education system

The Swiss education system is characterised by high quality and permeability. Cantonal autonomy and the decentralised organisation of schools are important features.

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The Swiss education system at a glance Click here to see the diagram

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Education and schools in Switzerland

How long is compulsory education? What types of education and training are available afterwards? Who is responsible? You can find basic information on the Swiss education system here.

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How do cantons and communes organise and operate their schools?

How is the lower secondary level organised? When are the school holidays? Which cantons have «joker days»? Information on all of the Swiss cantons is available in German and French

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More information?

IDES provides information on both the Swiss education system and its implementation at cantonal level. Information on IDES information and documentation services is available in German and French

Further informations

IDES information and documentation centre
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