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Coordination of Language Teaching in Switzerland. Current Status – Developments – Future Prospects

The goal of this publication is to contribute to professional coordination in the field of language teaching in compulsory education, and it is therefore intended first and foremost for education strategy specialists, educators and students at the graduate teacher education schools, as well as for other interested parties.

Based on the language strategy developed in 2004 by the CDIP, this study shows how coordinated development of language teaching can evolve. A comprehensive understanding of language teaching is essential: indeed, it concerns not only the languages taught at the various levels of education but also all the other languages involved (languages of origin and of migration, the language of schooling, and foreign languages).

The main purpose of this teaching strategy is to create a multilingual language competence (multilingual teaching methodology) rather than the perfect mastery of a foreign language. The study also addresses the national or regional projects and instruments intended for the coordination and improvement of language teaching in Switzerland (such as, for example, national education standards, regional curricula, the European language portfolio, etc.). It also provides information on the success factors necessary to the development of language teaching which will prove useful for the ongoing implementation process.

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The publication is also available in French and German.